Cyber Risk and Data Protection top of mind on both sides of the Tasman

Concerns around cyber-crime, privacy breach, and super-sized data collection have been growing steadily. August saw a real focus on this area in Gary’s work and speaking engagements, in Sydney and Auckland.

As well as advising new payment technology and cryptocurrency service providers in 2018, Gary presented at two events, and also hosted the Privacy Commissioner (John Edwards) at Akarana Chambers for a fascinating fireside chat about the looming law reforms and regulatory priorities in John’s work.

Speaking to the Chartered Accountants Australia & NZ major forensic accounting conference in Sydney, Gary worked with attendees on sharpening tools in the cyber-fraud environment, and methods of trying to “follow the virtual money” – if you can assemble the right team of experts and move quick enough!

Then at the inaugural Cyber Risk Management intensive half-day seminar held by ANZIIF (the Australia New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance), Gary joined other experts for a deep dive into cyber-risk and insurance response issues. Gary updated attendees on the regulatory environment, including with the Privacy Bill reforms progressing in Parliament, and mandatory data loss notification a step closer, and the after-swell created by big privacy law initiatives overseas like GDPR. He also ventured some thoughts on how the insurance market might be able to move from a focus on immediate cyber incident response (hacking, ransomware, phishing, data loss, business email compromise) towards cyber recovery measures against wrongdoers – perhaps taking advantage of emerging ledger technologies and digital footprint trails.

A copy of Gary’s slide presentation to the ANZIIF seminar can be found here.

Gary would like to thank John Edwards for giving so freely his time and insights while in Auckland in August.

Cyber Risk and Data Protection top of mind on both sides of the Tasman