Presenting at the Financial Integrity Summit in Sydney

Integrity Insights - Uncovering Ill Gotten Gains ** Gary's perspectives on Confiscating Proceeds of Crime

Gary was invited to speak at the Financial Integrity Hub’s event held at at Crown Resorts Barangaroo, Sydney.

The ‘Integrity Insight: Financial Crime Summit’ was a full day of engaging panels and discussions where thought leaders, experts, and professionals came together to share insights, address challenges, and explore innovative solutions to the burgeoning problems such as fraud, money laundering and trafficking of people.

The format was a main/keynote speaker followed by a panel discussion on the themes exposed by the keynote.

Gary's keynote speech was on:

Uncovering Ill-Gotten Gains: Perspectives on Confiscating Proceeds of Crime

Themes covered included the importance of AML compliance professionals and law enforcement putting possible asset recovery measures at the forefront of their efforts. Everything from focusing on the purposes of account monitoring to a better presentation of usable intelligence from SMR/SAR procedures can be improved if done through a Proceeds of Crime lens.  For Police intelligence units, that is the ultimate practical end product: freezing and eventually seizing ill-gotten assets.

The Financial Integrity Hub (FIH) is an anti-financial crime think-tank attached to Macquarie University.

FIH relies on a network of experts across business, government and higher education. It promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of financial crime by bringing together perspectives from the fields of law, policy, security, intelligence, business, technology and psychology.

Presenting at the Financial Integrity Summit in Sydney