Cybercrime – the costs and consequences of organised crime involvement

16 March 2016:

Hardly a day goes by without some new cyber risk presenting itself or a leak coming to light.  An increasingly sinister trend is, for example, phishing or hacking and data theft/exposure followed by financial extortion by an organised crime gang.  Some in the media have even dubbed 2016 “the year of online extortion”.

No one professional or consultant group seems to have all the answers to this many-sided problem, so ACAMS and PwC decided present a panel discussion on this hottest of topics for 2016. Over seventy guests benefitted from a multi-disciplinary perspective with experts from Insurance risk, Forensic, IT, legal and government policy perspectives all helping to identify and deal with the growing involvement of organised and financial crime groups in cybercriminal activities.

Particular highlights were the thought-provoking (if not downright terrifying!) stories of cyber risk and espionage attacks that banking security guru Patrick Hung relayed from his overseas travel and research work.

Star Speakers/Panellists alongside Gary Hughes were:        

Campbell McKenzie – Director, Forensic Technology Solutions at PwC in Auckland

Patrick Hung – Head of Information Security, Westpac Bank

Heather Ward – Principal Advisor, National Cyber Security Policy Office – ConnectSmart (Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet)

Ian Pollard – Managing Director, Delta Insurance

Cybercrime – the costs and consequences of organised crime involvement